Is your house under construction today? Well, it only means that you wanted your house to have a brand new look. There is nothing wrong with a homeowner to have his house go under renovations. It is his own choice and for comfortable living. Aside from the common renovations done to kitchen, living room and bathroom, have you ever made plans of reconstructing your basement? Don’t let your basement get damage because of water. It will be best if you will call on the expert to check and even have a basement waterproofing. JK Reno Construction is here to help.

The quality waterproofing service

JK Reno Construction has an extensive 8 years in the field of service. They are the trusted company in Toronto, Canada when it comes in general construction. From interlocking to basement waterproofing, they ensure that every client will have the quality that they are promised. This quality is made possible through their highly qualified service technicians. Their team of experts is highly knowledgeable about this job so you are guaranteed that it will be finished the soonest possible time. They will never let the water to damage your property, as they will do it best for their best clients in town.

Knowing more about the methods

The basement waterproofing services of JK Reno Construction is undeniably the best in town. Their methods done for this service uses leading equipment plus extensive knowledge in waterproofing. They offer this service with several methods. These are the following:

  • Sump Pump – this pump plays a great role in sump pump system, preferably the submersible pump system. A sump well will be built on the ground plus the pump that will put to the bottom of the pit. It will highly function once the water filled the well. The pump will be automatically turn on and flushed away the water in the basement.
  • Exterior and interior waterproofing – it prevents the water the water from entering and damaging the foundation and coatings of you basement. Therefore, dampness and water will no longer ruin our beloved basement.
  • Interior water drainage – it may not be considered as a basement waterproofing, technically but a technique that refers to basement waterproofing solution. This system has already been recognized to control the water from entering a basement.
  • Interior water sealants – these are the main solution for those cracked concrete foundations and even for the pipe penetrations. It prevents the high atmospheric humidity inside your basement. This is best done when the house’s foundation is just newly constructed. Having this system will guarantee of a moisture-free basement for years.

These methods are seen and done in basement waterproofing system. The DIY kits are popular nowadays but it is still best that the experts do their job to prevent further damage. You may have followed the instructions diligently but are you sure that it is done like what experts does? The service fee is just reasonable to pay for, as in exchange, you will never have to worry about your basement when it is another rainy reason. Have a waterproofed basement made possible by JK Reno Construction.