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JK Reno Construction is a fully insured and licensed contractor that specializes in commercial and residential projects. We are a company which has been servicing Toronto Canada area for more than eight years. Our aim is to give outstanding at a very reasonable price achieved by a skilled workmen. It does not matter how small or big a project is, JK Reno Construction is enthusiastic to give every client the best and the highest quality of work as possible. We are very confident that whenever you call us, you will be totally satisfies with the work that we have done.

JK Reno Construction is taking pride on the quality of our each and every work, the ability of our staff and the approachable workers, whenever there is a job that is needed to be done, we are confident that we always do it right. We are taking extra care in maintaining a safe and clean work site. As a matter of fact we are leaving the work site as neat or if not neater compared to what we have started.

JK Reno Construction is the best when it comes to the construction business and we are providing a complete services in construction through design or traditional and the build procurement.

Modernize your home. It does not matter if your kitchen is in need of some new countertops or maybe your bathroom is requiring some renovations and remodeling, call JK Reno Construction so you can have a free estimate.

Customize your property.  Finally, you can create the home that you have always wanted. You can customize and design the room layout, floor plan, and a lot more. You can call our team right now so we can help in making your dreams turn into a reality.

Renovate your backyard. Turn the unused space on your outdoor to a great place for your family. We can help in creating a gazebo, an outdoor kitchen, and even a fire pit.

A project in construction is a very creative combination products, planning, services and people where all of those shall come together in exactly the right price and time so we can meet and exceed the needs of our clients. JK Reno Construction promotes an early involvement in projects in assisting with a site selection and a due diligence, job-site teamwork, compassion to the needs of the owners, a great communication between the contractor, client, engineers, and architect, a schedule control and a meticulous budget.

We also have particular services like feasibility studies, pre-construction, due diligence, fill and cut reports, site analysis, environmental or energy audits, sustainable construction, building design, general contracting, preliminary design studies, and building information building.

Here at JK Reno Construction, there is a project for your every budget. You can view our recent and latest works and be ready to call us today in discussing your ideas for your home and the property.

From the ground up, JK Reno Construction will be able to help you in achieving your dream home.

Concrete is made up of coarse granular material and water which is fixed with a hard ground f materials. This materials fill the space that is in between the particles which bound them altogether. Concrete is a strong, solid material.
JK Reno Construction is the professional general constractor which is providing Toronto concrete service. With all of the concrete services that we have, our workers will be able to build you paths, walkways, concrete walls, concrete barriers, patios, and a lot of other feature for your home.
Nothing can add more to the beauty of your property in landscaping rather than a natural look of a real stone which is lie the one from Interlocking and the other products for landscaping. JK Reno Interlocking will be designing the landscape for your home and can put the most beautiful stones for interlocking and we want to make sure that you are a hundred percent satisfies with our work. Interlocking is perfect for most of the applications like the patios, driveways, retaining walls, gardens, and sidewalks.
Is your house under construction today? Well, it only means that you wanted your house to have a brand new look. There is nothing wrong with a homeowner to have his house go under renovations. It is his own choice and for comfortable living. Aside from the common renovations done to kitchen, living room and bathroom, have you ever made plans of reconstructing your basement? Don’t let your basement get damage because of water. It will be best if you will call on the expert to check and even have a basement waterproofing. JK Reno Construction is here to help.
Beautifying your basement
If it is all about general construction, JK Reno Construction is the name trusted for over 8 years in service. As they offer their expertise in general construction, there is no small or too big task for them not to handle. If you have a backyard project, there experts are always willing to lend a helping hand. Aside from the usual construction done for this, there are already custom built which saves time and effort for its construction. This company will offer you with the wide array of design, size and quality of basement entrance.
Why should you renovate?
Home renovations can be quite expensive but on the bright side, this is all just for you. It is will also increase your home’s value as well as the enjoyment that you will be having when the work is done. Just to let you know, there are so many good reasons that you need to know about this home makeover project. The first one is for personal use and comfortable living and the other one is to make things right in preparation for selling. You may still be thinking about the inconvenience and the cost that you will be having but with the expert help, things will just be easy.
Jewel Stone is the ultimate in acrylic modified cement-based coatings that transforms everyday concrete into beautiful decorative faux stone finishes. Jewel Stone can be used to restore and beautify old deteriorating concrete. It is ideal for walk ways, terraces, patios, pool areas, or any industrial or recreational flooring that requires the look and performance of stone. The luxurious and classic beauty of hand laid stone, slate, flagstone, fieldstone, tile or wood plank in any combination of colours can be achieved with Jewel Stone at a very affordable price.

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  • JK Reno Construction is a fully insured and licensed contractor
  • Here at JK Reno Construction, there is a project for every budget
  • Customer satisfaction is JK Reno’s main priority
  • JK Reno is a contracting company which serves the Toronto area for more than 10 years
  • From the ground up, JK Reno Construction will be able to help you in achieving your dream home